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Firelite External Hard Drive

The Firelite fwfl100-n silver 100 gb firewire 5400 rpm external hard Drive is enticing com shoppers, this Drive offers amazing performance with plenty of space to store and access your files. With its advanced firewire 5400 rpm interface, this Drive is sensational for com payments, additionally, the Firelite fwfl100-n is likewise a top-of-the-heap storage for your music, photos, and videos.

SmartDisk USBFLB40 40 GB FireLite USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive
Verbatim SmartDisk USBFLB80 FireLite 80GB 2.5

Verbatim SmartDisk USBFLB80 FireLite 80GB

By Verbatim Corporation


Firelite External Hard Drive Amazon

This is an enticing external hard Drive for your computer, it extends an 6-year warranty and an 10-gigabyte capacity. It is sterling for holding your software and data, the Firelite 120 gb external hard Drive is a top value for your computer. It comes with a new in-box and a few quick start movies, the Drive as well mobile enough for digital work from anywhere. With its small size and built-in hard drive, the Firelite is outstanding for busy stays com storage solutions, the Firelite fwfl120-n is an 120 gb 2. 5-inch external hard Drive that features a branded interface and a bright, hued display, the Drive is able to access your files and view them in a jeetee quality control lab. The Firelite 80 gb external hard Drive is first-class for shoppers who crave to store their important data on the go, it is basic to access and your files are always safe in the form of a photos and document file.