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Acomdata External Hard Drive Power Cord

Looking for an enclosure for your external hard drive? Don't search more than the external hard Drive Power cord, this one is enticing for low Power devices and comes with an included cable, so you can stay organized.

Acomdata External Hard Drive Power Cord Ebay

This ac adapter is for use with the external hard disk drive, it allows the user to connect a compatible hard Drive to the card, for storage or playback. The Power Cord comes short-rumpled with the charger in the middle, this hard Drive Power supply uses contract-based energy efficiency measures to ensure that your content is kept connected and running when you're not using it. Our type-complied Drive offers excellent performance and is backed by a full warranty, this 4-pin 12 v 5 v adapter charger for 160 gb 7200 rpm usb Drive Power Cord is superb for connecting an electric or magnetic Drive to an external hard drive. The charger will charge the drive's adherents and Power the Drive when finished, the charger is manufactured from durable plastic and offers an included 3-position selector to choose from standard or custom chargers. The 4-pin ac adapter charger for com data is designed to Power your devices while they are in use, this Power supply is equipped with an 4-pin ac connector that allows other devices on the same network to charge up and work. The Power supply is moreover equipped with a reset button and data rate setting to help you set up and manage your data.